The 5 days


The 5 days is the basis of my curriculum and how I plan to have my students become the best martial artist they can be.  It is a very easy, flexible, and set schedule that allows my students to work on every aspect that a martial artist should work on.

  • Boxing day  – The sweet science, this is the day to really emphasize on hand speed, accuracy, crispness, and effeciency.  On boxing day the idea behind it is to take superior angleing and set ups to put yourself in minimal amount of danger while a “fight” is continual.  Defense is very much the main focus at this school with all aforementioned as well as counter strikes, head movement, and footwork.
  • Kickboxing day – Kickboxing is a day where more overall martial arts come into play the distance increases because of the length of one’s legs being invovled for striking.  As well as more distance headmovement is also more limited, because the angling and set ups of the kicking game.  So at M.A.C. we introduce more footwork and angling to slow down, or shut down one’s kicking game.  Instead of staying in the pocket preparing for ones kicks we like to just get out of the way of them period and take advantage of one’s off balance state.
  • Point Fighting day – Point fighting is very much rooted in karate style fighting, pinpoint timing and accuracy.  The idea behind point fighting is to hit your opponent/attacker and not get hit.  I will use this day to teach students high quality footwork, excellent timing, and extremely efficent distancing so that a student will always put themselves in an advantageous position.
  • Self Defense day – This day will be used not only to put Kickboxing and point fighting together, but other styles and martial arts that are more street applicable, and efficient.  Such as Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and many others to offer students all tools to develop their own preferences when it comes to defending themselves.
  • Workout day – Workout day is day that will be used to refine motor skills, cardio, flexibility, and strength so that all techniques that are used in my system become even more effecient and effective as one trains more and more.

These days will rotate through each week as to accommodate life/work schedules.  As my students absorb the training of each of these days, the combination of skills will make for a solid foundation of a Martial Artist worthy of respect.