Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What type of Martial Arts do you teach?
A:  Our ground base Martial Art is Japanese Shotokan. However I incorporate many other Martial Arts into my curriculum.
Q:  What is the level and amount of experience your instructor(s) has/have?
A:  I have 16 years of Martial Arts experience in Karate, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, with 7 years instructing.
Q:  What ages do you teach?
A:  We take students ages 4 on up.
Q:  What are your fees?
A:  30$ Registration fee which includes two 30 minute introductory lessons.
85$ Monthly that includes all classes and belt advancement.
Q:  What are your hours of operation.
A:  Classes are in session Monday through Friday from 4-8pm, and a representative is usually in the building during regular work hours from9am to answer questions and schedule appointments.
Q:  Do you do private lessons?
A:  Yes. 30$ for half an hour and 50$ for an hour.
Weekdays – 3pm-4pm
Saturdays – 9am-2pm
Q:  I’m concerned about safety, how much does your school emphasize on safety and how?
A:  We emphasize safety above all else.  We are an extremely structured environment. There is not any point where I am not leading the students during class.  During sparing class the students wear the proper gear and I am directly on top of the action. There is not any point where I am not directly overseeing the sparing, and our sparing is always about learning various fighting techniques and timing. It’s never about power. I will never ask a student to do anything well beyond his/her physical capability.
Q:  Can you teach a handicapped person?
A:  Absolutely. Each individual will learned based on their capabilities.
Q:  Your website says that you’ll teach your students confidence and personal respect.  How does that tie into Martial Arts?
A:  Confidence and personal respect is actually something that comes out of training in Martial Arts.  When students are learning legitimate techniques, they are proving to themselves that they can accomplish these techniques and are progressing forward. As they see their own progression, their self confidence becomes greater and once you prove to yourself, you don’t need to prove to anyone else.
Q:  Is this training good for weight loss?
A:  Any consistent exercise can contribute to weight loss.  Which martial arts is something physically demanding, but yet fun at the same time, so the lbs will drop off without someone even realizing.
Q:  How does a student make progress?
A:  The way you progress in my system is attend two of each of the five classes between stripe testing, which is once a month. The classes are: Point Fighting, Kickboxing, Workout, Form/Basics, and Self Defense. Students will be judged on form and effort.
Q:  Why five specific classes?
A:  Each are important individually as well as strengthening each other.  It allows me to schedule out what my students need to go through while giving them the maximum amount of tools so that they’re able to develop their Martial Art Identity.
Q:  Will your school’s training help my child when dealing with bullies?
A:  Yes. With enough training, your child will be able to defend themselves physically. I recognize that bullying isn’t always physical so I will teach my students how to deal with bullies on a verbal level as well.