About Me

My many years of experience and training have given me a personal knowledge of my own body and how to best utilize it for self defense, as well as the mental capacity to work through various situations. Through teaching, I’d like to pass that on to my students, personalizing it to their individual capabilities in order to develop their own Martial Art identity.
It’s been my experience that many instructors do not teach traditional Martial Arts in an efficient, open minded manner.
I want to bring Martial Arts into the new age, not only when it comes to training, but being tolerant of all forms of Martial Arts.
I look to use that tolerance to unite all forms of Martial Arts and create the most practical and efficient overall Martial Arts program that I can.
To me, Martial Arts has been about much more than forms, fighting and self defense. It’s about self control, confidence, preparation, individuality, focus and drive.
In my youth, it not only gave me the tools and confidence to stand up for myself, but also the ability to speak publicly, comfortably think through and express my own view set, and it gave me a calming focus.