About Martial Arts Concepts

I aim not only to teach my students the most practical and efficient means to defend themselves, but also a new level of respect and humbleness that comes from that confidence.

That confidence in not having to prove themselves to anyone is going to expand to confidence in school, reports, job interviews, starting their own business, etc. My goal is to give my students all of the tools they need to succeed in whatever goal they seek in Martial Arts, so that confidence might carry over into their lives.
No two people on this earth are exactly the same.  Not only are their physical abilities different, so are their mental abilities.  Although it is a group being taught, when it comes to making corrections I will speak to each person as an individual.  In my program, my students will make progress on an individual basis that will come down to focus and effort, rather than on a flat scale. Focus to try to learn the technique, effort to do each technique to the best of their abilities.If something is not fun, then the passion to do it and do it well will not be there. To make it fun it starts in the class, the teaching.  Positive reinforcement to correct mistakes and to be constantly engaging with my students.
People do not have to be extremely fit to defend themselves.  Low energy ways to defend yourself can come from a variety of techniques that I teach. I will give people the tools so that they are able to best choose what they’re comfortable with.
I absolutely recommend Martial Arts to everyone regardless of their level of fitness. You’ll find that fitness naturally occurs with training. Martial Arts is as individual as anything else in this world. It is a form of self expression and I completely advocate for a person to be himself/herself.